Episode 12 - Sick Days

In this episode Meg and Carla compare notes on sick days. As always, though their lives are very different they have found plenty of common ground. Mainly they've discovered that women have super powers, whether it's changing a diaper while battling the stomach flu or shooting an entire wedding after ripping of your toenail, ladies manage to tackle life on even the roughest of days. 

In the segment Best/Worst Thing Carla shares why baby chicks are awesome, until they aren't. And Meg is calling her boyfriend's super nice "elder tribute" for her step-dad the best and the worst thing is aptly titled "When Bureaucracy and PMS Meet."

In many ways this episode is similar to number 4 (A Day In The Life) only with more complaining, ha! It's kinda A Day In The Life XTREME Edition. Thankfully the complaint is funny and relatable and the gals offer a few helpful tips, mostly as a reminder to themselves. Carla recommends asking for help and Meg thinks if at all possible you should actually take a break and let your body heal.  

The show wraps with a favorite segment: Jelly on my Biscuit. Meg is super jelly of people with administrative assistants and Carla wants to be the kind of person who feels, or at least looks, well rested. 

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