Episode 14 - Summer Lovin'

The gals sit down and chat about summer plans, and finally get around to sharing it with you smack dab in the middle of the season. They talk about how different summer is as an adult, especially when you have kids or a summer focused career. 

summer lovin.jpg

This episode is also a bit of a segment extravaganza!

Read, Watch, Listen:

Carla's picks: Salt, Fat, Acid, Eat / Master of None / Pod Save America

Meg's picks: The Bloggess / Desus & Mero / The Allman Brothers

Jelly On My Biscuit:

Carla: People with great clothes.

Meg: People who can get a tan.

Best Worst Thing:

Meg: Safeway grocery delivery

Carla: Home ownership

Don't Call It A Life Hack:

Carla: Put your kids to work!

Meg: Get yourself an accountability group!


Episode 12 - Sick Days

Episode 12 - Sick Days

In this episode Meg and Carla compare notes on sick days. As always, though their lives are very different they have found plenty of common ground. Mainly they've discovered that women have super powers, whether it's changing a diaper while battling the stomach flu or shooting an entire wedding after ripping of your toenail, ladies manage to tackle life on even the roughest of days.