Episode 1 - What's Your Point?

In this first episode you'll get to learn a little about the two gals behind Who Are We Kidding? and hear their reasons for starting a podcast, even though they have no idea what they're doing.  

Meg read Carla's bio, which you can find on her mom.me page, you can also learn more about her on her blog, Small + Friendly.

Carla read Meg's bio found here.  Check out Meg's photography work and learn how to book her for your next event or portrait session by visiting megmessina.com.

Here's the artist's statement from their ridiculous art selling stunt:

One a sunny Saturday afternoon, art dealer extraordinaire, Carla Hensley and world-renound photographer, Meg Messina toured a small stretch of Highway 1 from Santa Barbara to Pismo Beach. During the course of this outing they exposed the public to the art world by attempting to sell a “Hensovich” original for a mere thirty thousand dollars.


And, as promised, pictures: