Episode 2 - This S#!$ is Gold - How to Be Friends FOREVER

In episode two Carla and Meg talk about the only thing they consider themselves experts in: staying close friends.  They share their top five tips for maintaining friendship, even when lives take very different paths.

1. Forge a deep connection.  Your friendship must be based on more than convenience.

2.  Make time for each other.  Get it on the schedule and make it a priority.

3.  Skip social media.  Don't rely on it to keep you connect and don't let it hurt your feelings.

4.  Lady brags welcome.  Don't be in competition with your friends, celebrate their triumphs with them!

5.  Collaborate.  Create something cool together, it's the perfect excuse to stay in touch.

In the "Jelly on My Biscuit" segment Meg and Carla share what has them turning green lately.  Meg is coveting her neighbor's full-sized garage while Carla is wishing she could live the SouleMama life.  

Much like parenthood, or running your own creative business, life is full of things that can only be described as "The Best Worst Thing".  In this segment Carla's super stoked to go to Craftcation sans family, but she's also battling a pretty serious case of mom-guilt.  Meg's worst is taxes, but said hell also prompted her to get super organized which was a total win!