Episode 10 - Doing It Anyway

We have no clue how to podcast, but we're doing it anyway.

Meg and Carla have never claimed to be experts - in anything. In episode 10 they explore the many ways it's difficult to feel prepared for adulthood and offer what little insight they can muster.

They tackle imposter syndrome, starting before you're ready, baptism by fire, and the name of Carla's next self-help book: The Amateur's Advantage. Related to being a newbie, Meg brought up the concept of a second naiveté she applies the concept more to creative endevours than religion but either way the idea is really interesting. If you'd like to explore more about this complex philosophical concept you can check out this and this. (Seriously, you will feel super smart and it will give you something fancy to chat about at your next cocktail party.)

Don't Call It a Life Hack - Tips for Efficient Adulting:  Meg recommends getting a membership to a local museum. It supports a great cause and makes it way easier to fill your creative cup! Carla recommends "mindful" (gross word sorry) media consumption. In this brave new world of constant political outrage it helps to read (reputable sources) as opposed to watch the news. Furthermore, instead of reading and feeling overwhelmed try to read with the purpose of discovering who to contact or how to resist. 

Best Worst Thing: Carla's best worst thing is playing with her kids. Half pure magic, half boring boss fest. Meg's best thing is the new sculpture on wall street designed to bring attention to the lack of women in finance. The worst thing is that the Business Insider article who broke the story forgot to mention the artist who created it. 

Three cheers for having no clue and not letting it stop you!