Episode 4 - A Day In The Life

In episode four Carla and Meg compare an average Tuesday.  Curious what a professional photographer does on a day she's not shooting?  Wonder what a part-time working mom really does all day?  We've got answers and a few laughs as well.  

In the segment "Don't Call It A Life Hack" they share adulting tips designed to make grown-up life easier.  Meg recommends creating anchors in your schedule so that life doesn't become one big blur.  Things like daily scheduled workouts, weekly meetings, and fun events punctuate life in a really helpful way.  Carla advocates for phone-in-hand parenting: consciously using the escape of your smart phone when you need to resist interfering with sibling squabbles or toddlers trying to do things on their own.     

And the "Best Worst Thing" this week for Meg is her period and for Carla it's snacks.  Listen in for the reasons why.