Episode 5 - Body Body Body-Image

In this episode Meg and Carla tackle to topic of body image.  Because if you don't have any issues with body image you are some kind of feminist legend.  They talk about how they came to struggle with self-love and what they are trying to do about it now.  But first, because we all know it's key, here's what they look like:

Carla decided to stop beating herself up for the "baby weight" and threw in the towel on dieting.  She wrote about that decision here and the internet was not pleased.  They called her lazy and tried to give her diet tips, in other words, they missed the point.  It turns out the world isn't ready for someone other than Gisele to declare they love their body just the way it is.    

Unlike "lazy" Carla, Meg exercises regularly and is currently dieting.  But she has also found a way to feel better right now.  Her advice: upgrade your lounge wear!  You can find her favorite new lounge bras here and here and here

In episode five they introduce a new segment called Commercial Breakdown.  This is where they each choose an advertisement that makes them want to throw things and break down why it's the worst.  

Carla's pick, mommy war bullshit brought to you by drinkable breakfast, can be seen here.

Meg's Hebrew National nightmare can be seen here.

In Jelly On My Biscuit this week Carla is jealous of EVERYONE on vacation, especially @lilliesandleon!

And Meg wishes she was this into ANYTHING!

(see full video here)

We want to know how you feel about your body.  Got any tips for loving it?  Let's help each other with more that diet and exercise tips!