Episode 6 - August Is The Sunday of Summer

In episode six Meg and Carla catch up. They share the highs and lows of summer's end and touch on a few hilarious segments. Meg's high was a nine day vacation to the Russian River and her low was a brutal return to reality complete with a lovely little bout of depression. Carla's summer highlight was a really nice birthday and getting to crash Meg's vacation.  Less fun was the super early back to school schedule, who starts school in mid August? Rude. Carla was bummed that summer is over and trying not to dwell on the mom anxiety that another summer with her kids is gone.  

In "Don't Call It A Life Hack" Meg shares a rad idea for getting the most out of vacation: outsource some work to be completed while you're gone. Meg had photos color corrected while she lounged by the river but you could also set up a cleaning service or hire someone to handle any number of tedious to-do's for you while you're gone. It's basically how to vacation like a BOSS. And Carla recommends finishing things. You know, like following through until a task is actually complete. Laundry for example must actually be folded and put away in order to be considered finished. Easier said than done for some of us, but simply focusing on follow through can really make this whole adulting thing go a lot more smoothly.  

"Jelly on my Biscuit" this week we both had our minds the on money and money on our minds. Meg is super jealous of people with salaried jobs, you know the kinds with paid vacation and colleges to handle shit while you're gone? Turns out, you don't get these kinds of perks as a small business owner. Meanwhile, Carla is going green over the ladies who married money. A week or two as a trophy wife sounds mighty appealing when you and your partner both have to constantly hustle.

For their "Best/Worst Thing" Meg and Carla share what is great and not so great lately. Meg's best/worst is feeling blue in the modern age. Meg shares how feeling depressed is the worst, but getting support and love from others after sharing her feelings on social media was totally the best. Carla's best/worst thing is school. Having kids in school is both totally rad and super buggin'.