Episode 7 - What NOW?

In this episode Meg and Carla talk about what happens when you get to a place of feeling like things in life are good/fine/settled but then some unidentified discontentment creeps in. We ponder the anxiety of feeling like we need to figure out what to do "next." ... Or at least that was the idea. But then our original episode 7 got eaten by the computer and when we got to together to re-record just a week or two later we simply didn't feel that way anymore.  

So, episode 7 is a fun and funny episode where we actually got to record in the same room! We laugh about our fleeting existential crisis and share one too many drinks.  

For commercial breakdown Carla freaks out about this anti-feminist Nuva Ring ad.  And Meg calls bullshit on this crazy diet pill click bait.

Meg's best worst thing was this GD election. It is clearly the worst because: TRUMP. But, she loved that the gals from CYG called him a "sentient nacho" and "human embodiment of the poop emoji". Carla's best worst thing is having a clean house. It's totally awesome to have everything clean but it 100% sucks to try and keep it that way.

Plus, we announced our first Who Are We Kidding Field Trip!!! 

All bay area ladies, come see embrace with us on November 15th!

Info about the film: here.

Get your tickets: here.