Episode 8 - Loose Ends

... or something less depressing ... Hanging On By A Thread

Meg and Carla are back, and trying to tie together a coherent episode! Soul crushing election results, crippling anxiety, and 100 million things that need wrapping up kept Meg and Carla from recording for a bit. Nobody said adulting would be easy but DUUUUDE.

November pretty much sucked, although we hosted a FABULOUS field trip! Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you don't miss the next one!

Although this isn't a current event podcast it seemed important to discuss what we're calling The United States and the Terrible, Horrifying, No Good, Very Bad Election Results. Want to DO SOMETHING? Give your time/money to one (or many) of these causes.  Stay informed by reading REAL news. And become extremely familiar with your representatives, call and write on the regular.

For Best Worst Things this week Carla is in a serious love/hate with kids at Christmas. It's pretty much the most magical thing ever and a ridiculous amount of work! Meg recommends the film Arrival for serious dose of faith in humanity but warns that it sparked intense FEELINGS. Feeling all the feelings is pretty much the worst. 

Jelly On Your Biscuit! Meg is super jealous of people who eat bread. Seriously, if you can eat bread AND fit in your pants, the envy is REAL! Carla is abundantly jealous of Canadians. They have such a better situation and yet they remain kind instead of smug.    

The episode is wrapped up with a little holiday cheer. A gentle reminder: you're a grown ass woman you can celebrate the holidays how you want!! Make time for friends, focus on what's most important, and create your own traditions! 

Happy Holidays Friends!!!